Hermanos Gutiérrez is a two-piece band formed of the brothers Alejandro and Stephan Gutiérrez. 
Taking influence from 1950's Latin America Sound they transfer the listeners to journeys through beautiful landscapes.  

"When we were children, our grandfather, Luis "Don Lucho" Gutiérrez, used to tell us about his favourite song: “Nuestro Juramento”. This song was sung by an Ecuadorian artist in the 50s, Julio Jaramillo, and featured Rosalino Quintero on the guitar. Our grandfather used to describe this song  with so much love and nostalgia, and it were these moments with him which paved the way for how we listen and play our music today".

After two albums recorded in Berlin, “8 Años” (2017) and “El Camino de mi Alma” (2018), they continued the path with three more releases recorded in Zürich, “Hoy como Ayer” (2019) , “Hijos del Sol” (2020) and their newest single "Esperanza" (2021). The music of the Hermanos Gutiérrez is made with love, passion and honesty and it`s through this that the two brothers wish to connect with the world.